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REGINA WP CREATIONS with Sherri Melynchuk

March 4, 2019 , by  Kathleen Fellinger





The first time you hold your baby, the first time you see their little hands and feet and how very small they feel in your arms is a moment that is emblazened in our hearts and in our memory for the rest of our lives, even as you read these words, the image of your little one is in your mind. There will be many firsts in your child(ren)'s lives: first word, first food they eat, first steps but nothing will be like the very first moment that you see them. Capturing those moments are so important, we all know this. But who do you go to when you want to capture a moment and to have something, a keepsake you can treasure for a lifetime? Look no further than our special guest this month in our Spotlight feature, Regina WP Creations and the owner, Mrs. Sherri Melnychuk. When you meet Sherri, you feel like you are talking to an old friend. She is so warm and that warmth simply pulls you in. Her craft is amazing and she offers an array of products for not just baby, but you can bring your older children to do Thumb Print Jewlery (which I did and love), casts of your pets and so many options for gift ideas. Believe me when I say, experience this once in your child's life for a unique keepsake, because it will be something that you simply will not regret.

KB: Tell me a little about Regina WP Creations?
RWPC: We create unique keepsakes from babies and children's hands and feet. These include life casts, raised impressions, fingerprint jewelery, inkless prints, canvas prints and DIY impression kits. Our product line has expanded over the last few years to include more jewelry pieces as well as photo crystals. Although I mostly see babies in studio, we do carry products for pets. We also find adults especially like our photo crystals and expanded jewelry line. WP Creations is a national franchise chain that has been around since 2001. There are over 40 locations across Canada. We all work from home and have studios set up in an area of our home to see clients. It is a unique work at home business. I have owned the Regina location for almost 7 years.

KB:  How did the Regina WP Creations begin? Where did it start and how did you become involved?
RWPC:  This amazing business was created by a mom in Ontario who was looking to create unique keepsakes as a gift for her husband. The idea took off and she expanded the company into a unique franchise system across the country.


KB: What can a parent expect when they walk through your door? What is your process?
RWPC:  Parents can expect to be greeted with a kind smile as they come into my home. I have a studio full of many samples of our products, so they can choose the keepsake that is right for them. My goal is for parents and babies to feel comfortable and relaxed in studio as we discuss and create a one of a kind keepsake. I want this to be a positive and memorable experience. I talk about my training and my experience and help them to fell at ease with casting and/or raised impression process.



KB:How long does a session/appointment take?
RWPC: ​It all depends on the product they are interested in and how fast they make the decision. Most appointments take about 30-60 minutes and you can book easily online.

KB:  What is the main goal of your business?
RWPC: No regrets! I have never heard of a family regretting to invest in a keepsake, but I have heard of many regretting that they didn't get one made. We want every family to know of our products and to be able to have one of our keepsakes of their baby or child.

KB:  What is the main goal of your business?
RWPC: No regrets! I have never heard of a family regretting to invest in a keepsake, but I have heard of many regretting that they didn't get one made. We want every family to know of our products and to be able to have one of our keepsakes of their baby or child.



KB: What are some of the services and products you offer?
RWPC: Our 3D life casts can be put into a shadow box with or without a picture, mounted to granite to create a life cast statue or left unmounted so the client can decide how they want to display them. Our Raised Impressions can be framed or unframed. Our jewelry comes in many form: fingerprint necklaces, stamped jewelery, pandora-inspired charms, key chains, laser pendants, and crystal pendants.

KB: What are the price ranges for your services and products?
RWPC: All products have a price range and can go up depending on the size, adding photos, engraving, more casts, larger frame, etc. Inkless prints start at $10, Raised Impressions start at $30, Life Casts start at $50, Photo Crystals start at $45, Canvas prints start at $95 and jewelery starts at $45.


KB: Where are you located and where do you offer your services?
RWPC: My studio is located in my home in Northwest Regina. Although my exact address isn't published online for privacy reasons and safety, it is provided to clients once they book an appointment.

KB: What is the best age to do the tiny foot impressions?
RWPC: This comes down to personal preference. Most people like to come in when baby is teeny tiny to capture all those new baby wrinkles and crinkles. Others prefer to wait until baby is a few months old to capture all the cute little pudginess that develops in the hands and feet. I have casted babies as young as 5 days old and then up from there.

KB:  How long does an appointment take to complete?
RWPC: Appointments are about 30-60 minutes long. Completed products take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on the product.

KB: What are some of your most popular products?
RWPC: Shadow Boxes and Fingerprint Jewelry are by far the most popular! Raised Impressions would be the next popular.


KB: What do you love best about your job and services that you provide?
RWPC: I feel honoured to create beautiful keepsakes for families to treasure for a lifetime. Personal experience has impacted my beliefs on how important it is to capture these special moments in time. My daughter, Ava, passed away from cancer in 2011 and her shadow box is one of my most prized possessions. Life is very precious, and we never know what the future holds. It is important to invest in some beautiful keepsakes of our loved ones. I also have gone up to the hospital for perinatal loss, pallative care, and to the funeral homes. I truly feel honoured to have the opportunity to provide some comfort for families during very difficult times.

KB: How do you make the moulds? Is it safe for baby? 
RWPC: Our moulding materials to create various products are 100% safe for baby. We are the only company in Canada that uses dye-free and fragrance free moulding material with a quick set. We are able to capture incredible detail with our materials.

KB: What are you most proud of about being an entrepreneur and your business?
RWPC: I have grown my business since I started back in 2012. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home while being there for my family. I have grown not only professionally but personally as well through the years. Owning your own business is a lot of work, but also very rewarding!

KB: Do you offer gift certificates for family and friends who want to give your service as a gift?
RWPC: We do! It is so easy to purchase our e-gift cards online at













To learn more about the Regina WP Creations and to book your appointment today with Sherri, visit their website at You can also connect with Regina WP Creations on Social Media.

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