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Family Time with Regina's Celebs

Saturday, February 11, 2012 - 10:28am
Rita Holowenko

By now you know that we love family friendly everything; and we love Regina.  With the theme of love and family being the focus in February around here, we thought we'd ask some well-known local personalities "What's your favourite way to spend time with family?"  We know how important they are out and about our city, taking care of organizations, constantly being in the public eye, being "on".  But what do they like to do during that "off" time, when it's just them and their family?  

Here's what they had to say:


Morgan family

"Between work and extracurricular activities of my 17 year old daughter Allison—we are always on the go. She’s a dancer, volleyball player-in essence, she’s the activity we enjoy whenever there might be a game or dance competition. Our 1 year old Brooklyn is obviously in the development stage and has not yet fully got an understanding of how much the rest of us enjoy a solid Vacation with the family. We’ve been fortunate to have already travelled plenty with Allison-who tends to suggest that some of best “family time” has been a quieter vacation that may include a pool, hot sun and the occasional game of cards. We are a close family and almost always plan one or two “family” trips a year-in fact-our whole family (and extended) has committed to a January 2013 Cruise with one another. On the weekends, it’s almost always at least one “sit-down” dinner and the occasional movie that bonds us….my daughter Allison and I will often use our PVR to rack up a bunch of Vampire Diaries and watch them back to back on the weekend…later Jill will join us to finish watching a few episodes of “Fringe” that have also piled up – it’s one of those shows that as a family we all enjoy."


GREG MORGAN, Program Director CHMX-FM/My92.1
Dad to two children ages 17 and 1

Besides being the Program Director CHMX-FM/My92.1, Greg Morgan is also the on-air afternoon show host.  He is married to Global News Anchor Jill Morgan.  According to this bio on, his likes are time spent with his wife and daughters, and movies.  His dislikes are windchill, people who drive slow in a passing lane, and a messy house.



Maestro Victor Sawa - Regina Symphony Orchestra


"We watch movies, and my youngest daughter and I do jigsaw puzzles and play chess.  Because I am frequently out of town working, when I am home I like to stay home.  We don't do a lot of outside things until the summer when we are all free."

MAESTRO VICTOR SAWA, Regina Symphony Orchestra
Dad to three children ages 11, 15, and 26

As conductor to the Regina Symphony Orchestra for 14 seasons, Victor Sawa has been dubbed the maestro of the people as he wins over a new generation of orchestra fans with a mix of the classics, the pops and the hits from the world of movies. Victor’s accessible and entertaining commentary during concerts creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere for everyone in the audience, from RSO rookies to seasoned symphony goers.



"There are many different ways my wife, Kimberley, my 4 year old daughter, Susanna, and my 6 month old son Gabriel enjoy spending time together.

Who better to ask about our very favourite activities than Susanna? She reports that time spent in the kitchen is her favourite thing to do with her Mommy. Susanna has a particular passion for chocolate chips. Whether it's muffins or cookies, or fine tuning an as yet unperfected recipe for chocolate chip pie, Susanna always stretches her imagination while she tosses ingredients in Mommy's big red mixer on the kitchen counter.

But it’s not always about dessert.

One of Susanna's favourite books is all about the Belly Monster who likes to cook pizza. We've had Belly Monster pizza on the table for supper many times, including tonight!

When it's time for the whole family to spend some time together, we head for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

We all stroll back in time, and trace the footsteps of the dinosaurs. And, we all hold our breath when we walk through the underwater ocean room. After coming up for air, Susanna recently built up the courage to visit Mega Munch. We even spent one weekend hunting for penguins.

Craig Lederhouse There's no better place than Regina to spend some quality time with the family. And with all of Susanna's grandparents nearby, she always feels like a proud, pink princess in The Queen City."

CRAIG LEDERHOUSE, CBC Radio One's The Afternoon Edition
Dad to two children ages 6 months and 4

Craig Lederhouse was born and raised in Regina.  He moved to join CBC Radio in Vancouver in 2004.  In the year before returning home to Saskatchewan, Craig was a back-up host for BC's noon hour radio talk show. In the midst of this, Craig noticed he actually missed scraping his windshield. Then, after two Grey Cup losses, suffering in west-coast solitude, it became clear: a return to the prairies with his Esterhazy-born wife and 3-year-old daughter was critical.  As host of The Afternoon Edition, Craig loves immersing himself in the stories of Saskatchewan, and introducing the remarkable people who live here to one another, on the radio.



Corey Chamblin"As a football family, we spend some quality time together watching film.  It's unique to football families as many players and coaches watch game film with their partners or children and I am no different.  My son sits on my lap while we watch film."

HEAD COACH COREY CHAMBLINSaskatchewan Roughriders
Dad to a 7 month old (and his family has two dogs)

Corey Chamblin, originally from Alabama, is the 29th head coach for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Prior to coming to Saskatchewan, he served as the defensive co-ordinator in Hamilton in 2011 and has spent time with Calgary and Winnipeg.  He has won a Grey Cup and two division championships.  

Go Riders!


Neil Donnelly


"Our favorite activity is to go on family vacations.  Either camping in the summer of skiing in the winter."

Dad to two children ages 9 and 11

Neil Donnelly is the Vice-President Events & Entertainment at Evraz Place -- Regina's premiere event facility with more than one million square feet of indoor space located in the heart of Regina.



Darci Lang

"Our favourite activity is family games night. We love good old fashioned board games.  We all need to be in our pajamas, fun snacks made and we have a marathon night where everyone gets to pick one game they love and we play all four that evening.  In the summer we love to wake up Saturday Morning and play games on the deck in our jammies. Heaven!!"

DARCI LANG; Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Author of Focus on the 90%
Mom to two children ages 9 and 11

Darci shares one idea that is an easy-to-apply message that everyone can relate to, Focus on the 90% that is positive in your life. The message is simple; you have a choice when it comes to your attitude and the choices you make affect everyone around you.

By the age of 24, she was running three separate businesses.  She has won and been nominated for over a dozen entrepreneurial and business excellence awards including Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneur of the Year, YWCA Women of Distinction, The Abex Awards, Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  She knows firsthand that working well with others means you have to work on you and your own attitude first. 


"Movie Night. Games night. Makeover night. Our schedule can get pretty hectic at times, and Im lucky my daughter is so supportive.  I make sure that we have theme nights that we mark on our calendar and spend hours with no other responsibilities.  Monopoly is a definite favorite in our house."

Kerri Senkow

KERRI SENKOW, Recording and Performing Artist
Mom of one daughter, age 5

Since her career took off in late September 2009, Kerri has ventured into the art of children’s performances, and is booked regularly to entertain children of all ages. From visits to schools across Alberta, to main stage performances for city events, Senkow has done it all.