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Family Earth Day Activities & Crafts

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 8:56am
Kathleen Fellinger

Make every day this month Earth Day with these fun activities from KinderBuzz.  Enjoy quality time with your kids, and a fun opportunity to teach them what the day means and how to be "green". 

What you teach your children today about the earth and how to care for it is an investment for their tomorrow.

Recommended for ages 4+ with help
What you will need:
  Reusable canvas bag from Michael's Crafts ($6.99/each), material markers, iron on decals (optional), glitter glue and any other fun and craft supplies to decorate your bag.

Have kids create a unique reusable bag they can carry and use for anything from shopping to school.  Here is a sample of what you can do,


KinderBuzz Earth Day Collage

Recommended for ages 3+
What you will need: 
Magazines, picture of your child(ren), construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, coloured pencils.

Let your kids create an Earth Day collage with images symbolizing Earth Day and caring for Mother Earth.  This activity is creative and inexpensive!



Recommended for Moms, Dads & Kids 4+
What you will need: 
vinegar, water, clear or coloured spray bottle, markers, glitter glue and stickers to decorate.

Recipe for Organic Cleaning Spray:  Fill half of the spray bottle with vinegar and half with pure cold water.  Stir to ensure that the mixture is well blended.

Every kid wants to do what the big people are doing!  Why not get the kids into spring cleaning with this non-toxic cleaning formula that is simple to make --and the kids will have fun decorating their very own cleaning bottle.  It's a win for the environment and a win for parents who want a clean house!


KinderBuzz Plant Something Green


Recommended for ages 3+ with help.
What you will need:
  small ice cream containers, gardening soil, spoon/gardening shovel, seeds (purchased from your local gardening or hardware store) and some love.

It's fun to get your hands dirty and play.  You can teach your kids the fun of growing their own vegetable or flower from a seed.  Kids are always amazed to see the progress of their plant, vegetable or flower when it starts to bud, grown and then bloom.




KinderBuzz - McKell Wascana Conservation Park


Recommended for all ages.
What you will need:  Comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure.

The Queen City has some great parks to explore, check out the City of Regina website: to find one near you.  Or visit a nature reserve such as The McKell Wascana Conservation Park (  Learn about the local wildlife and all the natural beauty that resides right here in Saskatchewan. A great online resource is Saskatchewan's very own author, naturalist and bird expert, Trevor Herriot's Grass Notes ( blog.  Also, visit Wascana Centre Authority (  Let kids explore the great outdoors and get some much needed fresh air and exercise.



Recommended for Moms, Dads & Kids
What you will need:  Your recycleable materials like juice boxes, pop cans, glass bottles, milk cartons.

Take the kids to the local recycling centre ( so they can see you recycle. Where does all that waste go?  And it also teaches them to see other benefits of recycling, like getting a little money back for the family piggy bank.


Recommended for all ages.
What you will need:
  Garbage bags, gloves, hand sanitizer and water for breaks.

Find a local clean park event in Regina or help organize one on Earth Day.  Send out an email to invite friends, family & neighbours to clean a local park, green space or your kid's school playground.  Spend time outdoors with your kids, lead by example and show them how to care for their enviornment and why it is important not to litter.  Adults should check the grounds beforehand for any broken glass or sharp objects that may be unsanitary or dangerous for children.


For more information on Earth Day and taking care of the earth, please visit the following websites:

Do you have an Earth Day activity or craft that you would like to share?  We would love to hear from you!  Send us an email at

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