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Family Matinees - July Screenings - Free Admission

Next Event (weekly):
No future dates scheduled.
Location of Event: 
RPL Film Theatre
Address of Event: 

2311 12th Ave, Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3Z5

Jul 14 – 3:30

The Muppet Movie
USA | 1979 | 95min | G
Directed by James Frawley 

The first theatrical film starring Jim Hensen's beloved Muppets finds Kermit and pals trekking across America to make it big in Hollywood - while being pursued by an evil restauranteur with his eyes set on Kermit's beautiful frog legs.


Jul 21 – 3:30

The Great Outdoors
USA | 1988 | 91min | PG
Directed by Howard Deutch 

Good natured dad Chet (John Candy) and the family set off for the woods for a peaceful summer vacation. But when his high-rolling brother-in-law Roman (Dan Ackroyd) and his snooty family crashes their plans, the vacation become anything but.


Jul 28 - 3:30

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
USA | 1985 | 91min | PG
Directed by Tim Burton

Pee-Wee Herman loves his prized red bicycle more than anything. When it's stolen in broad daylight, the determined Pee-Wee sets off on a wild adventure across the country to find it.


Screenings earlier in July:

Jul 07 – 3:30
Adventures in Babysitting
USA | 1987 | 102min | G
Directed by Chris Columbus
Chris (Elisabeth Shue) is expecting a dull evening of babysitting, but when her friend Brenda calls and pleas to be rescued from a downtown bus station in Chicago, she and the three kids set off on a hair-raising adventure in the big city.

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